Kingdom keys for waiting


Waiting can be quite exhausting when we put our minds on the wrong things. Whenever we put our minds on the blessing and we take our minds off of the One who blesses then we fall into unnecessary frustrations.

In each season of waiting we must be steadfast in reading the word, steadfast in prayer, worship and fasting.

God will grace you in your season of waiting. In this season He will also be testing you to see exactly where your loyalty lies.

Kingdom Keys:

  1. Do what the Holy Spirit leads you to do.
  2. Offer up a sacrifice of praise and obedience.
  3. Worship your way into the presence of God.
  4. Thank Christ in advance for the blessings He has stored up for you.
  5. Surround yourselves with people who understand the season of waiting; especially those who have been through what you are going through.

Waiting for anything can be extremely tiring this is why it is paramount to seek God more in this season. Whether you are waiting for a job, a spouse, a baby or even a house or car- waiting in God can make the frustration and pain associated with it less excruciating.

Written by Christal Outram

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