Have you been struggling with what to do during your celibacy journey? If so, read on to receive ideas.

  1. Find your passion (hobbies, vision and dreams)

Knowing your passion helps to give you focus and intentionality in your everyday life. Doing what you were created to do helps to ease some of the pressure associated with not being married and not having sex.


  1. Find an accountability partner:

Aligning yourself with a spiritually mature mentor will help you to stay on track. Having accountability partners will also aid in discerning whether or not the one you chose is the right one for you. Sometimes we can be so caught up with the outer appearance, accolades and material possessions that a person has that we often miss the spiritual nature of that person.


  1. Flee sexual environments:

If you know that celibacy is what you desire and what God desires for you as well then stay away from environments, music or videos that evoke that lusty atmosphere. Put up the necessary boundaries to keep yourself consecrated.


  1. Give your body back to Jesus:

Last but not least… It is necessary for us to give ourselves back to God. When we do so we give God full control over our mind, soul and body. There is a level of transparency needed to be able to give ourselves over to God completely. We can give ourselves back to God through prayer, fasting and worship. Establish a healthy, intimate and loyal relationship with the Father

Written by Christal Outram

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