Do you have the heart of a servant? Are you opened to giving of yourself to do the work of a servant or are you focused only on receiving credit, accolades or financial benefit that being front and center provides?

Many of us want to be in position but we don’t want to work on the character that sustains that position neither do we want to be trained by those that are in the position that we want to be in.

Now Elisha served under Elijah’s mentorship, he learned the ins and outs of what he was called to do because he was willing to sit under the teachings of Elijah.

After Elijah was taken up to a new realm, Elisha was then given the opportunity to ask for a double portion of Elijah’s anointing and mantle.

It is important that we humble ourselves so as to not be prideful. The Bible tells us that pride goes before destruction; many times we allow our pride to destroy our future, our relationships and our life simply because we don’t want to humble ourselves.

Are you faithful with the small task that God gave you even if you don’t get the glory or credit that you think you should receive?

Are you going to do what is asked of you whether or not you get the credit? Take the time to self-reflect and evaluate who you really are and what type of heart you have.

Written by Christal Outram

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