Are you struggling to rekindle and reactivate a dull sex life? Are you battling with insecurities and past hurts that rob you of being open, confident and vivacious with your spouse? If so continue reading to learn how to reactivate what was once there.

There’s a strong connection between God and the act of sex between husband and wife. God Himself created sex as a holy act between those who are married.

He intended for sex to bring His kingdom couples closer together and by extension closer to Him. The marriage bed was created by our Sovereign God to be kept holy and undefiled by any unclean thing that the devil has presented to us.




Five Keys to Keeping your Marriage Bed Pure and Purposeful:


  1. Love and Servanthood:

Love and servanthood are extremely critical for the success, health and purity of your marriage bed. The love that you have for God will overflow into the love that you have for your spouse. The way in which you serve God will spill over into the way you serve your spouse.

  1. Prayer:

Prayer is extremely important for us to receive strategies and instructions for our daily lives. When we go to God about our shortcomings, He gives us keys to open new doors and receive the harmony, commitment and blessings for each area of our lives including our sex lives.

  1. Fasting:

Fasting about our marriage allows us to fight big giants and to receive the wisdom, knowledge and understanding we need to have success in our sex lives. Fasting about issues such as trust issues, infidelity, low libido, fears, potential health threats and the like can help us to break chains off of ourselves and our spouse.

  1. Worship:

Praise is important, many times we focus more on what we don’t have that we begin to neglect and even show ungratefulness to God as well as our spouse which chokes our happiness, joy, stamina and commitment.

  1. Faithfulness:

Unfaithfulness causes us in relationships to pull back and to lose momentum and joy on our journey. When we feel betrayed it causes us to shut down emotionally, sexually and most importantly spiritually.

Written by Christal Outram

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