Tips for Strengthening your Mental Capacity


One of the things I love about being a child of God is that we were created in the image of God so that means we also have the ability to create, to strengthen and increase our mental capacity.


The ways that we can strengthen our mental capacity are as follows:


  1. Go deeper in God’s word:

Once your relationship with God is established by established by accepting Christ as Lord and Savior then the next step to make is to read His word consistently so as to maintain and improve your relationship. This also gives us the mind of Christ which allows us to get a sneak peek into the complete will of God for our lives.

  1. Manage what goes into your mind through communication, media and self- thoughts:

What you feed your mind will eventually show up in physical form. Remember to balance and manage what goes into your mind through media and other outlets. Be sure to think positive. Fight back insecurities with God’s word about who you are in Christ.

  1. Fortify your mind with positive music:

Music is a great reminder; no matter how long ago you’ve heard the song- it will stick so use music to keep you fortified encouraging music. Allow the Gospel to purify your mind while saturating you completely.

Fortifying your mind is an intentional act; many of us may have to seek professional help for varying issues like depression, anxiety, worry, restlessness, no appetite or other means such as talk therapy.


Written by Christal Outram

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