This stops here… Many of us battle with the consequences of our forefathers and mother’s rebellion, idolatry, and disrespect to the Holy God. Many of us if we read through the whole book of Deuteronomy we will find a correlation between the struggles we face and the generational curses we have.


Now is the time to ask God for the revelation of the things that our forefathers and mothers did so that you are able to break the curses in your generation for the generations coming after you.


When dealing with generational curses it is compulsory that you fight them off with the True and Living God. It is necessary that you establish an active, healthy, and consistent relationship with Christ so that the Holy Spirit can begin the inner work on you.


Generational curses of illness can be dealt with through prayer, fasting, worship, and professional help from medical doctors who are trained to deal with illness.


Breaking generational curses requires at some point for us to walk on water by faith. God will call you to go places that you’ve never seen and imagined.


When trying to break those curses it is extremely important that you destroy their idols, tear and burn down their false images as well as to destroy their alters before our Most Holy God.


Written by Christal Outram

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