Are you struggling with the pain and shame that comes with being divorce? Are you struggling with letting go of your old life? Are you bitter about the way your marriage has ended? Then read on further to receive Kingdom Keys and the right perspective to breaking free from the pain, shame and bitterness.

Many have bought into the lie that God hates those who are divorced. Many often misread Malachi 2:16 which states that God hates divorce (the act) but He loves those (the people) who have been divorced.

This has caused many to enter into a mental prison which causes rejection, no identity, sadness and fear to creep in. With these doors now opened many spirits not of God seek to enter in.

God hears the cries of the brokenhearted and He saw the torment that you lived through.

One of the ways to cope and recover starts by crying out to God and asking Him to show you the blessings in disguise. Start seeking God and do what He assigned for you to do during this tough and daunting season.

Find a new hobby, make new friends and join a spirit-filled local small group. Find creative and legal ways to make extra income for you and your family. Read self-help and motivational books along with the Bible and other Christian materials.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed of letting it all out by crying out to our Heavenly Father. Crying can be somewhat therapy. If it becomes unbearable to the point where you cannot help yourself, seek professional help. They are a myriad of therapists who are qualified to help you in this trying time.

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