Step one: Creating a joyful spiritual atmosphere.


This is extremely vital to the harmony and strong libido of couples. Sex is better when we are in alignment to God’s word. Praise, worship and serving are crucial to the bubbly and exciting sex we desire whereas being belittled, tormented and abused creates the opposite to what we desire so it is necessary to continually set the spiritual atmosphere of love, peace and serving in the relationship so that both partners can benefit from the blessings stored up.


Step two: Setting up the home in a romantic way.


The way that couples set up their home determines which mood is brought forward. Think outside the box but make sure that whatever you use to create the atmosphere is pleasing to God and it is not detestable. Try using some fresh flowers, rose petals, decorative diamonds and scented candles to create the atmosphere that you desire.


Step three: Self-care is a must


Take care of yourself; get your hair and nails done, get a shave or haircut for the guys and pick out a nice outfit, take a nice bath and get ready for a night of bliss. Rid yourselves of the disagreements and the petty issues and just enjoy each other.

Atmosphere is extremely crucial to the vitality, fire and passion needed in your sex life. The way you communicate with your spouse also plays a big role in whether or not there is pure sexual chemistry in the marriage.


Written by Christal Outram

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