Mind your Power by Christal Outram

Tips for Strengthening your Mental Capacity   One of the things I love about being a child of God is that we were created in the image of God so that means we also have the ability to create, to strengthen and increase our mental capacity.   The ways that we can strengthen our mental […]
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Coping with the Aftermath of Divorce

Are you struggling with the pain and shame that comes with being divorce? Are you struggling with letting go of your old life? Are you bitter about the way your marriage has ended? Then read on further to receive Kingdom Keys and the right perspective to breaking free from the pain, shame and bitterness. Many […]
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How to Build Your Husband

“1A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.” -Proverbs 14:1 NLT   Building each other is a super needed in marriage. The way that you handle each other will to a large extent determines the success of your marriage.   Build Him   Boldly profess his […]
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When waiting seems hard

Kingdom keys for waiting   Waiting can be quite exhausting when we put our minds on the wrong things. Whenever we put our minds on the blessing and we take our minds off of the One who blesses then we fall into unnecessary frustrations. In each season of waiting we must be steadfast in reading […]
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Things to Do to Make your Celibacy Journey Easier

Have you been struggling with what to do during your celibacy journey? If so, read on to receive ideas. Find your passion (hobbies, vision and dreams) Knowing your passion helps to give you focus and intentionality in your everyday life. Doing what you were created to do helps to ease some of the pressure associated […]
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The Art of Submission

Submission can be a daunting task for those who want everything to go their way. Many wives struggle with submitting to their husbands for fear of losing control. Many forfeit the security, peace and blessings that come with submitting. Submission begins with God so those who struggle with submitting to their own husbands as to […]
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