A Servant’s Heart

Do you have the heart of a servant? Are you opened to giving of yourself to do the work of a servant or are you focused only on receiving credit, accolades or financial benefit that being front and center provides? Many of us want to be in position but we don’t want to work on […]
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Rekindling a Lifeless Sex Life

  Are you struggling to rekindle and reactivate a dull sex life? Are you battling with insecurities and past hurts that rob you of being open, confident and vivacious with your spouse? If so continue reading to learn how to reactivate what was once there. There’s a strong connection between God and the act of […]
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Single before Marriage

Singleness before marriage is how we were born. As we come into a world with family and friends, we become more aware of our need for friendship and companionship.  We are pressured by society to fit into societal norms. Norms such as sexual relations before marriage, pregnancy outside of the marital covenant and promiscuity.  Let […]
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The Heart of a Finisher by Christal Outram

“Finishing is better than starting. Patience is better than pride.” –Ecclesiastes 7:8 NLT   Are you the type of person who always starts but never has the momentum to finish? Do you struggle with staying focused on the tasks given to you? What is your vision for the assignment that you have started? Where do […]
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