What I do

I Coach.

Christal Outram coaches young girls and women through her writings, videos and workshops. 

I Speak.

I do speaking engagements through Beauty Within Girls bi-monthly meetings that seeks to help girls build confidence, step into their purpose and become a supportive sisterhood.

I Write.

I write about diverse topics to inspire. educate and empower my readers. I am currently working on my Love Rules series.

Need advice?

If you are in need of some advice please email us at christaloutram@outlook.com

My Blogs

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My story

Born on the island of Barbados, on Sunday 21st April 1996, Christal Outram made her launch into her destiny with an undying passion for people, fashion, development and finding your God-given purpose. In her early years, she knew that she didn’t quite fit the mold that society had placed her in and she fought relentlessly to break out of that mold. She spends her time teaching young men and women how to break out of the molds also.

Let me help you reach your potential.

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